And the Nominees Are…(1928)

This Week on The Best Picture Blog: 1928
Oscars #2

This year, The Academy upped the drama by adding a few more nominees to the mix.

Monday, April 15: Alibi

  • Best Actor Nominee, Chester Morris (as No. 1065, Chick Williams)
  • Best Art Direction Nominee, William Cameron Menzies




Tuesday, April 16: Hollywood Revue



Winner Wednesday, April 17: The Broadway Melody

  • Best Actress Nominee, Bessie Love (as Hank Mahoney)
  • Best Director Nominee, Harry Beaumont




Thursday, April 18: In Old Arizona

  • Best Actor Winner, Warner Baxter (as The Cisco Kid)
  • Best Cinematography Nominee, Arthur Edeson
  • Best Director Nominee, Irving Cummings
  • Best Writing Nominee, Tom Barry






Friday, April 19: The Patriot

  • Best Actor Nominee, Lewis Stone (as Count Pahlen)
  • Best Art Direction Nominee, Hans Dreier
  • Best Director Nominee, Ernst Lubitsch
  • Best Writing Winner, Hans Kraly




Saturday, April 20: Author vs. The Academy, 1928
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