Author vs. The Academy: 1927

Academy’s Choice: Wings
Author’s Choice: Wings

Need to review? Here are the Nominees for 1927.

Well readers, for this first battle I actually agree with The Academy! When you’re only dealing with three nominees, your choices are limited and I guess the odds were stacked in the Academy’s favor. This was the only time all of the movies up for the big kahuna were silent! Hollywood just couldn’t keep its damn mouth shut (and let’s face it, we haven’t heard the end of it yet).

Let’s break it down in order of preference:

1. Wings – This movie was the most entertaining of the three contenders. It had war, women, and bubbles. The effects were surprisingly advanced and though the story was cutesy, the actors sold it pretty well, especially Clara Bow.

2. 7th Heaven – Did I say Wings was cutesy? That was before I saw this one. Talk about a couple of lovable idiots, Janet Gaynor and Charles Farrell are the supreme definition. It was fun to watch them, though the movie was too long to tell such a simple story.

3. The Racket – (Insert Title Card Here). It’s not a bad film, just too quiet. The exciting visuals of a few guns, a buxom blonde, and a couple of fellows getting capped was quashed by the stuttering of too many title cards. Luckily, the mobsters found their voices before other gangster films suffered the same fate as this one.

What’s the Matter, You Don’t Agree?
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